Dreaming of OSCAR Summer Research…

As we are nearing the summer research season and dreaming of being back in the field and the lab, let’s take a look back at last year’s successful OSCAR Summer Research program. Read about GMU undergraduate researcher Tom Hutchinson’s experience working in the Salerno Lab here! https://demutsertlab.gmu.edu/oscar-student-tom-hutchison-new-tools-new-techniques-new-technology/

Welcome to the Salerno Laboratory of Integrative Microbial Ecology!

We are a brand new research laboratory located at George Mason University’s Potomac Science Center in Woodbridge, VA! We are part of the Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center (PEREC). Our research centers on investigating microbes in the environment to determine the roles they play in maintaining and/or destabilizing organism health and ecosystem function. WeContinue reading “Welcome to the Salerno Laboratory of Integrative Microbial Ecology!”