Research Interests

  • Microbes as indicators of organismal health and ecosystem functioning
  • Microbial symbioses
  • Microbial biogeography
  • Marine conservation
  • Ocean Policy
  • Science Diplomacy

Research Projects

  • Role of marine biofilms in microbially-influenced corrosion
  • Diversity and function of deep-sea coral-associated microorganisms
  • Deep-sea wood-colonizing fungi
  • Biogeography of shallow-water coral-associated micoroorganisms
  • Identification and characterization of coral and fish pathogens
  • Microspatial distribution of soil microorganisms
  • Role of the microbiome in mud crab susceptibility to parasitic barnacles
  • Identifying microbial indicators of aquatic health in an urban watershed
  • Impacts of stream restoration on soil microbes

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